HOV, Party of one (248th new thing).

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

My purchased Peach Pass had arrived in the mail only days after I had ordered the sticker. Yet I hadn’t been given the opportunity (aka traffic) to use it. Well, except for that one time when I was late getting home and remembered too late that the pass was sitting on my kitchen table. But all of that changed on Day Two Hundred Forty-Eight when I was equipped with vehicle decal and the right circumstance of backed-up slow moving cars ahead of me.

While simultaneously changing lanes and moving forward I dug the decal out of my bag in the passenger seat (don’t try this at home while driving) and managed to affix the barcoded sticker to my windshield. Then I seized my opportunity of dashed lines and headed to the free flowing, no brake light lane of liberty. I probably grinned dumbly as I whizzed past all of the cars in the other lanes, the ones without a specially ordered debit sticker allowing them the freedom of movement I was now enjoying.

And then I found the back-up. A police car with blue lights flashing was blocking the HOV/Peach Pass lane, presumably warning oncoming traffic of the stalled or pulled-over car in front. I had to wait for a kind soul to let me back into the normal fast lane.

But for a minute, I was living the good life. All for the thirty cent toll.


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