Extras, Extras (256th new thing).

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

There were going to be three hundred people arriving at the plant to perform as extras in the Hyundai commercial. These people were employees of Hyundai, who had auditioned a month earlier to take part in the show. And my main activity on Day Two Hundred Fifty-Six was to assist in signing them all in and taking photos of them.

We had our own assembly line going in one of the plant’s cafeterias, two people handing out their releases to sign, and KC and I collecting their forms and taking their picture with their name written clearly on a small dry erase board. I was the photographer.

The time went by quickly, as we signed in about two hundred people (some just didn’t want their extra $25/hour). I even had a chance to relay special announcements (follow me) through the cafeteria’s PA system.

Pretty jealous, aren’t you?


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