Montgomery (252nd new thing).

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

On Day Two Hundred Fifty-Two I made my way for the first time to Montgomery, AL, to work as a production assistant on a car commercial. I realized while driving my stinky rented minivan into the city that I had actually been near the area before. As I passed the “Alabama Shakespeare Festival” sign on the highway just outside the capital a faint memory of attending the festival in tenth grade emerged from the corner of my brain. I most remembered the charter bus ride back to the suburbs of Atlanta and how I rested my head against the window and wrapped myself in my sweater, only to find a massive knot on the side of my head hours later when I awoke. I had effectively been beating myself in the head for the entire journey, the vibration of the bus acting as a constant mini hammer.

But on Day Two Hundred Fifty-Two I actually made it all the way into Montgomery proper, through its one way streets and historic markers, with the trunk of my rental loaded with gift bag supplies.

Montgomery itself seemed like a nice enough city, with a river and walking district near its capital building. But I stayed on the outskirts of town and apart from driving people much more important than myself to and from their hotel, I didn’t spend too much time in the downtown area. Should I ever find myself there again, maybe I will take a stroll along the riverfront.


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