Being Grateful (262nd new thing).

January 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

Since I spent Thanksgiving Day in mindless self-indulgent solitude, on the following one I decided to actually reflect on the holiday. When I was a kid we would go around the dinner table on that fourth Thursday of November and share something we were thankful for. Sometimes it was tongue in cheek (“I’m thankful we only do this once a year”), and other times more heartfelt. On Day Two Hundred Sixty-Two I embraced this idea of listing things I was thankful for; I made a Gratitude List.

I began the list with those closet to me, my friends, family, boyfriend, and dog. Yes, Murphy made the top five. But the list is in no real discernible order.

Murder, She Wrote totally made the list

Next I looked at my surroundings and focused on some material objects within reach…my camera, phone, English Breakfast tea. Like I said, the order of my list was as random as my thought process.

I added the usual health and happiness included in New Year’s toasts and then moved on to food. I am a categorical thinker.

I listed more obscure memories, feelings, and experiences: reading on the screened-in porch during a rainstorm, critical thinking, not having had braces, and that I was raised in a normal, loving household.

I began to get a little teary eyed at this point, really pondering all the great things in my life for which I am very thankful. This blog even made the list, at number seventy-three.

I wrote down one hundred things I am grateful for and could have probably written a hundred more, although by 198 the obscurity level would be through the roof. Sure, I’m thankful for that one time I broke my arm in first grade because then I could know what it was to wear a cast at a young age, right?

At the end of writing, I was very happy. Not that I had been in a terrible mood prior to my list-making activity, but afterwards I was downright giddy, and maybe a little emotional. Either way, I was really thankful to have done it.


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