List Book (263rd new thing).

January 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love lists. Whether it be a to-do list, a brainstorming exercise, or even an organization method, I love them all. There is something so rewarding about itemizing ideas or objects that just makes me giddy. After creating a gratitude list the day before, I decided that my love of list making was enough to inspire creating a “list book,” which is exactly what I did on Day Two Hundred Sixty-Three.

I began by making a list of Christmas gifts for people in my life. It was a short list, as I had barely begun my shopping. I had a few good ideas, though, like homemade ideas that could also possibly be used as blog posts.

Then I turned to more creative lists, memory lists. I listed places I had lived, beginning from birth. The Big Valley house in Stone Mountain, the Creekwood Lane house, Sandalwood Court in Oregon, and even all of the apartments and homes I shared with roommates. I listed all my past jobs, and that list was quite a bit longer than I expected. I even added the ages in which I worked each position.

The list I had the most fun making was all of my previous hangout spots, inspired by a list book my friend Clarissa had given me years ago (because even my friends aknowledge my love of list making). I included the front porch of the houses I shared with Kristin, bars my friends and I frequented in our early twenties, and even the screened in porch on the house I currently live. Patrick jokes that the porch area is my “office,” considering I spend so much time reading out there.

Making all the lists made me smile. Some lists can be extremely practical (groceries?) and others bring a sense of joy in the memories they inspire. List making is a way to ensure that you don’t forget all the past joys and experiences.


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