Bunting Jewelry (270th new thing).

January 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

I had made a circle scarf. Now it was time to move into another homemade project/Christmas present: the Bunting Necklace. I had found this tutorial online, and on Cyber Monday had purchased a half pound of leather remnants to recreate the project. Alas, by Day Two Hundred Seventy the goods had not yet arrived at my doorstep, so instead I fashioned a felt bunting necklace.

I started by stiffening up the felt with a Modge Podge. I figured it would be easier to work with. After those little triangles dried, I stuck a needle through them to create holes for the chains. It required a bit more strength than I had imagined, and had to rest a afterwards from a hand cramp and wounded finger (I pricked myself).

After my quick recovery, I began to try and manipulate little gold jumprings into the holes of each stiff felt triangle. You know when you have a stubborn key that refuses to be added to your key ring? It was like that, but more difficult and extremely tinier. I had to use a pair of needle nose pliers in each hand to bend out the ring and then carefully thread the felt into the slight gap. I looked like a poor man’s Edward Scissor Hands. At first I had planned to add a little chain between each flag, but after a few painfully tedious threadings, I modified my plan to “one ring, two flags.”

While shaping the findings back into a circular form also proved more intense that I thought it would be, adding the chain was child’s play. I made a long chain, knowing I was going to gift the necklace to the lurvely Kristin (plus I didn’t want the hassle of a clasp), and called it a day necklace.

It may be the only Bunting Necklace I make. Sorry, leather remnants.

Kristin models her necklace


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