Genius! (268th new thing).

January 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I broke my iPhone. It still worked, but the back was shattered. I was devastated, in that “Oh, I’m such an idiot!” way. Fortunately, a coworker told me that the Apple Store can fix the phone for cheap (or free if you flirt well). On Day Two Hundred Sixty-Eight I headed to the Genius Bar at the back of the Apple Store to see what could be salvaged.

Of course I arrived twenty minutes early for my eight o’clock appointment with the Geniuses. The friendly sales assistant suggested I look around or grab a coffee or check out Anthropologie…really, I look like an Anthropologie customer in my Kohl’s jeggings and Old Navy cardigan? Sweet. But I knew any store I stopped into would shower me with temptation, so I opted instead to plop my butt on one of the hard benches lining the walkways of the mall and attempt to deplete my broken iPhone battery with some Words With Friends.

Before I knew it it was 8pm and my turn at the Genius Bar. I sat down at the long table top lining the back wall of the minimalist store and waited. After about five minutes with no red-shirted employee greeting me I found one myself and let him know I had an appointment. He checked me in and told me to hang out until my name was called. I sat back down on a little stool and was quickly asked to move for a customer with a poorly iMac. “But I have an appointment!” I wanted to scream. Instead I moved down a couple chairs and (im)patiently waited for my name to be called.

Before long an employee behind the counter called my name. She looked at my phone and told me the back could be replaced for thirty bucks and the whole thing for a hundred fifty. I went with the first option, and she said she would be back in a few minutes.

Five minutes later I had a fixed phone in my hands. I was so giddy I started to talk about how I am doing something new every day and how the Genius Bar was that day’s activity. She was intrigued enough to ask me to write down the blog address. Hell, for thirty bucks I got a new iPhone back and a potential new follower of this blog. Win-Win, I think.


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