Sunday Funday (278th new thing).

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Georgia Voters headed to the polls November 8th. I didn’t get the chance to vote (I was too busy finding buried treasure in South Carolina), but one of the items on the ballot was whether, on a city-by-city basis, residents could buy alcohol on Sunday. Before the vote was passed, you couldn’t purchase beer, wine, or liquor on that one day of the week.

The vote passed in several cities around the state, and on November 20th certain cities began to allow Sunday alcohol sales. Atlantans wouldn’t be able to purchase booze until January, but East Point, Suwanee, and Duluth were all open for business. On Day Two Hundred Seventy-Eight I was in Duluth after working a Sunday shift, and decided for the first time ever to purchase some beer in Georgia on the Lord’s Day.

I looked online to find an outlet that would be open and stumbled upon The Best of Brews, a store that sold growlers not two blocks from work. I’ve never purchased beer in a 64 oz glass jug that could be reused to store home brew. It didn’t take much for me to make up my mind.

The most difficult part of the Sunday purchase was deciding which brew to buy. Georgia law does not allow tastings at such an establishment (I asked), so it’s hard to know what you are in the mood for. It’s like you have to buy a six pack before you get a growler to know if you like the beer. I ended up choosing the New Belgium Prickly Passion Saison because the descriptor sounded tasty and it was a limited edition (apparently). Plus it was 8.5%, so I felt like I would be getting my monies’ worth.

That’s another thing about the growler; it is rarely less expensive than the same booze bought in bottles. I went into it thinking it would be a discount vs say, a six pack, but in actuality most times it’s pricier. I guess the growler is more for the draft beer lovers.

Even if filling a growler doesn’t prove to be the most economical option, I’ll still continue doing it, though. There’s just something so retro about taking your empty jug into a store to get refilled. And even if I don’t always buy beer on Sunday, I’m certainly glad that I can. Makes the idea of Sunday afternoon parties much more feasible.


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