Flip a Coin (281st new thing).

February 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’d never heard of the game quarters until I stumbled upon a couple coworkers playing against each other. On Day Two Hundred Eighty-One I joined in.

The game is basic chance gambling, played between two people with two coins. First we went through a round of rock paper scissors to see who would flip their quarter first. After the first coin is tossed, the opposing person flips their own. If the quarters match, ie both heads or both tails, the second player wins the fifty cents. If one is heads and one tails, the first player wins.

Simple, yet addictive.

Jeremiah Flips

Apparently before that day, I couldn’t flip a coin, at least not in the fancy manner of snapping your fingers and sending a quarter twisting through the air. I have improved greatly, although I still have to scoop one out of every five quarters flipped off the floor where they erratically landed.

I started out with about a buck fifty and walked out with fifty cents. Half my losses went towards a bag of chips, though, so I didn’t fare too poorly. I’d make it up the next day, right?

And now I will always bring quarters with me to work.


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