Measuring the Alcohol (286th new thing).

February 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

I made beer as a new activity. It tasted alright, nothing super special, but since I had made it, it was delicious. One aspect of the process I neglected the first time around was to measure alcohol content. I tried to use the hydrometer, but I was fixated on not contaminating my first brew and couldn’t handle the extra step (a dumb rationale). However, on Day Two Hundred Eighty-Six I moved on to brewing my second batch of beer, this time a pale ale. More secure in my grasp of the process, I also managed to correctly use a hydrometer, or so I hope.

The beginning specific gravity of my wort was 1.050. I measured three times, just to be sure. And two three weeks later when I finally got around to bottling the brew, it was 1.010. As long as the temperature of the liquid was kept at (about) 60 degrees Fahrenheit (which it probably wasn’t), my final alcohol content was 5.3%. I used a formula found here.

% Alcohol = ((1.05 x (OG – TG)) / TG) / 0.79 (OG=Original Gravity and TG=Final Gravity)

It really wasn’t that difficult, and now I can drink my approximately 4.8-5.3% pale ale with the additional knowledge of its potency for tipsy-ness. Awesome.


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