Greetings, from Production! (289th new thing).

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Gem Shopping goes off-air only once per year, from 7PM Christmas Eve to 7PM Christmas Day. During this period we’ve experimented with various filler material: host greetings, employee greetings, employee photos, host photos…you get the idea. This year some coworkers and I, all working in the production department, had a brief brainstorming session before setting out to create our video greeting. We shouted out ideas that progressively grew larger and larger until I was imagining myself entering a shot astride a CG reindeer. Eventually we collectively decided to try a bit of superimposition of our faces on ornaments hanging upon a Christmas Tree, a first for me on Day Two Hundred Eighty-Nine. I really wanted to ride a reindeer, but apparently it just wasn’t practical time-wise and equipment-wise.

We recorded our little greeting blurb individually, then Joel transposed us onto a royalty-free Christmas Tree background. I envisioned the scene as a sort of  “Brady Bunch” intro style, so unfortunately I look quite spacey shifting my eyes all around me.

For your own amusement:

Next year, I’m flying in on a reindeer.


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