Balancing Act (291st new thing).

February 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

At the circus fitness class I attended many months ago I played on a wooden balance board. I had so much fun with it that I decided I should make one of my own. I found a basic how-to on wikihow and figured I would ask my dad, a man whose carpentry skills and equipment rival a cabinet maker, to help me. Instead, my brother stepped in and together on Day Two Hundred Ninety-One we built our own version of the machine.

Brad in the garage/workshop

While I had been out shopping with my father earlier in the day I picked up a four inch piece of PVC pipe from the hardware store. Brad had a leftover slab of half inch birch from a skateboard he had fashioned. Together with a jigsaw to round out the edges and a few wood screws, we were set.

Brad used the saw first to create a curved corner on the board. I followed afterwards with a hand-held vacuum, sucking up the sawdust. He allowed me to cut two of the corners and frankly, mine looked more symmetrical. Not that I’m competitive or anything.

Then we got to work with the sander, running the handheld device across the top and sides of the wood in succession from roughest to finest grit. It was kind of a single person job, so I left my brother to it while I headed inside to wrap my mother’s Christmas gifts.

Safety First!

After Brad had completed the tedious activity of sanding he called me back out to screw on a length of wood underneath the board. There were two skinny pieces of wood to act as stoppers at either end of the board, preventing an over zealous rider from rolling right off the edge of the cylinder.

Once the balance board was completed (and it looked beautiful), we headed inside to test it out on the living room carpet. I went first and was grateful for the extremely secure stoppers. Many times I nearly toppled off my perch.

Dueling Balancers

Eventually I got the hang of it and over the weekend I spent much time rolling back and forth across the floor. I was almost an expert, although Brad was always slightly better than me. He has had a lot of practice being a longboarder and all.





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