Painting the Backyard Orange (292nd new thing).

February 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

My Christmastime at home with the family was turning into a bonding weekend with my little brother. First he had taught me to longboard, then he built a balance board with me. On Day Two Hundred Ninety-Two Brad pulled out his paintball gun and for the first time, I fired it.

The recoil was nothing compared to my time at the shooting range. I shot off several balls of orange paint-filled balls in a row, aiming at the center of a wooden slab leaned against a tree in the backyard.

After my brother and I had a go, my parents each took a turn. My mom seemed a little too into it. Her face scrunched up in intent and her lips formed a solid line of concentration. By the time we had exhausted ourselves with paint balling, the wooden board and much of the flower bed around it was scattered with orange blobs.

I’ve never had a desire to play paintball on an actual course, but the ease of firing the gun sure did pique my interest. Add another new activity to my to-do list.


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