Adding Mom as a Friend (295th new thing).

February 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I never thought the day would come. It had been threatened, but I never believed it would actually happen. And then my mom went to England to visit family and my sixteen year-old cousin set her up with her very own Facebook account. I accepted her friend request on Day Two Hundred Ninety-Five.

I was my mom’s fourth ever friend, behind my aunt and two cousins. I had mixed feeling about what would happen once this social media connection was forged. I imagined the onslaught of posts to my wall.

Hi Lucy how are you I didn’t hear from you last week give me a call I hope everything is ok are you feeling better from that upset stomach you had last time we talked call me I saw you posted a blog I love you love, mom xxoo

My mom calls me Lucy sometimes, a sort of nickname (which is kind of strange since it is actually a real name). She also finds punctuation superfluous, although perhaps not intentionally. I often get worried calls should I forget to phone on our (loosely) scheduled Sunday catch-ups. So I could certainly imagine her expanding the contact to check up on me via FB. But it could also be kind of cool. I mean, I don’t ever post anything inappropriate or negative towards others (I hope). Besides, she probably wouldn’t be on it that much, right?

I can’t wait until she starts posting embarrassing baby pictures to get back at me for making this a new activity.

**Note: Since befriending my mom, nothing inappropriate or embarrassing has been posted. Usually she sees a post and then calls me as a follow up. It’s actually quite nice. I suggest everyone friend their parents.


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