Decluttered (298th new thing).

February 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

I am a clean person, but I may not necessarily be tidy. Most people have a table top or area where stuff accumulates. Mail, jewelry, clothing, you know…stuff that you can’t be bothered to put in its rightful place at the time you discard it. Well I have several such places, much to Patrick’s annoyance. On Day Two Hundred Ninety-Eight I decided to unclutter my areas in preparation for 2012.

I intended to shuffle through the two closets in the guest room and clear out a bunch of junk. We have an artificial Christmas tree, softball gear, suitcases, a VCR, guitars, coats, a drawer from the refrigerator, and about fifty Red Level Eleven CDs…basically stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. I envisioned an unsentimental sort-through of all of this and being able to toss or donate half. Maybe even just move it to the crawlspace downstairs. Then I could build shelves and add other items from around the house in an organized fashion. That was what I intended, but instead I began with the assortment of craft supplies and general junk I have tucked away all over the bedroom, mostly in my armoire.

I sorted through twelve cans of spray paint, three bags full of fabric scraps, and a box full of artificial flowers. And paper. Lots and lots of random pieces of paper. That portion of my great decluttering took such a chunk of my day that I was only able to add the bathroom and my closet to the “done” list. Which is actually quite a lot, even if I didn’t get to the spare room.

I could now wake up to 2012 with a fresh outlook and clear clean home. And I will tackle the closets. Call it a New Year’s Resolution.


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