Taste the (Vodka) Rainbow (297th new thing).

February 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

My friend Jenny told me about infusing vodka with skittles for a sweetened boozefest. It sounded interesting enough that I stole her idea and made my own rainbow of liquor on Day Two Hundred Ninety-Seven.

I googled the process and found a simple recipe: 10 skittles for every ounce of vodka. So I bought a giant bag of the multicolored sugar balls and a liter of vodka. I added sixty little candies to four empty water bottles (leaving out the green of course, because the green ones are gross), and added six ounces of vodka to each bottle. I shook the containers like they were polaroid pictures and then let them sit for four or five hours.

Then I poured the chalky mixture through a coffee filter (not all that successfully) into some jam jars I had purchased for my canning trials. Into the freezer they went.

I tasted the yellow flavor (lemon, is it?) mixed with a little water to lessen the effect of the sugar and alcohol. It wasn’t half bad. Tasted kind of like a lemon drop. It reminded me of something I would have loved when I was new to the world of alcohol (you know, over twenty-one). It really did taste just like a skittle. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, though. I know with all that sweetness, drinking enough would surely lead to a massive hangover, so I suppose I’ll save my candy colored booze for a special occasion.


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