The shelving dilemma (300th new thing).

February 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

After my initial declutter myself project begun a couple days earlier, I finally got around to tackling the room which initiated my desire to sort, donate, and trash. The two closets in our guest room/Patrick’s office were a hot mess of random things stuffed into them , piled upon each other until the space was full. So on Day Three Hundred I cleared out everything and added a couple shelves in one of the holes to better accommodate our collection.

The clearing out proved more difficult that I had first thought. I threw out our old broken artificial Christmas tree and a couple of random pillows Murphy had destroyed by chewing holes in the corners. I added a few items to the donation pile (a pleather jacket, small TV, and a lampshades I had carted from place to place for years but never used). And then there was Patrick’s stuff. Guitars, a box of baseball cards from his youth, and two full cartons of random electronic material. Stuff which he wanted to keep. I laid it out on the floor hoping he would go through it in the next couple days, and instead planned on adding the sorted items back into a single closet in a neat fashion. I would build shelves.

I envisioned nice wooden plates screwed into the closet wall, but once we made it to Lowes and began wandering through the lumber department, I decided to try out the shelving ailse instead. Here I found a series of those wire closet shelves and figured adding a couple of those in addition to the one already installed in the space would suffice. The process of choosing which wire shelves to purchase took much longer than it should have. I debated on having the pieces cut to the perfect size of the closet, but in the end just picked up a couple of four foot long units with fasteners already included. Keep it simple.

The installation was probably the easiest part of the day’s activity. I followed the directions precisely and had items neatly stacked in the closet in half an hour. Even if all of Patrick’s random items are just stuffed into the second closet, I know my space will be organized and pretty. And that makes me happy.

The "after."


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