Pastrami on Rye (303rd new thing).

March 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Growing up, I’d always been a super picky child when it came to eating new foods. I didn’t actually escape this phase until I was sixteen. I had enrolled in an exchange program and lived with a family in France for a month in the summer. They had interpreted my favorite food of “chicken fingers” as simply chicken and had an entire roast bird waiting for me when I arrived. Politeness overcoming my disgust at the idea of picking meat off a bone, I heartily embraced the chicken, and anything else that was put in front of me. And I realized it tasted good, really good. On Day Three Hundred Three I applied the philosophy of trying any food at least once to my dinner and ordered a pastrami on rye sandwich at The Wrecking Bar. It was also the first time I had eaten at the restaurant.

While the meal came out looking tasty, I could never get over the stringiness of the meat. The texture of both it and the bread were not quite what I had in mind. I determined that I do not like pastrami, and I do not like rye bread. But the vegetables were very yummy, and I do not think my distaste of the sandwich was in any way a reflection on the food at the Wrecking Bar. Instead, it was more a reflection on my taste buds. They appear to still be at times picky.

I still vow to try anything at least once.


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