Walk along the river (306th new thing).

April 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

On Day Three Hundred Six Patrick, Murphy, and I woke up at a decent hour and headed to the Chattahoochee Nature Preserve at Cochran Shoals to explore a new state park. Although it was a Sunday morning, we were surprised by the number of people, namely runners, in the parking area. The temperature was incredibly mild, but the threat of rain hung overhead in the dark clouds swollen with humidity.

Murphy spies another pup

Patrick headed off in a trot to run the course while Murphy and I marched along the gravel path. I wore the backpack loaded with our hoodies and waters, and felt like an adult Dora the Explorer with her pal Boots the monkey (I had to look that up).

Trail Maps

After awhile, I veered off onto a pretty path littered with fallen orange and red leaves. The solitude and quiet sound of the Chattahoochee rushing a few yards away was peaceful.

Solitude in the City

At the end I called Patrick, who had completed his three mile jog and was on his way back. We met him halfway to the car and continued along, remarking on the types of joggers who crossed our path. Some people certainly have a funny gait. I likened each to an animal for our amusement. We saw a man who ran at a terribly slow pace who reminded me of a tortoise, and another who lumbered along, leaning forward resembling a lion.

We arrived back just in time. A few raindrops fell towards us, but we made it to the car avoiding any real trouble. On the way home we mused how nice it would be to have something similar near our house (like a done-up Atlanta Prison Farm). I could definitely see how enjoyable it would be to walk or jog along the paths every weekend. No wonder it was so busy, even on an overcast morning.


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