Sweet Face Scrub (310th new thing).

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Inspired by my Egg White Facial Mask and with a desire to engage in more at home beauty treatments, I made a sugar scrub on Day Three Hundred Ten. After looking up various recipes to create a good facial scrub, I decided to marry several ideas into my own concoction. I mixed together brown sugar, a little honey, olive oil, and a drop of lavender oil.

I began to apply the chunky mixture with my hands, but quickly the brown sugar formed irregular clumps and would fall off my cheeks as I moved my fingers in a circular motion. At one point I looked like the punchline of some bad toilet humor. After awhile I could feel the sugar granules separate and move against my skin in what could be considered a scrubbing motion. Mostly, I felt the slipperiness of the olive oil.

A couple of minutes later I felt properly exfoliated and started rinsing off the sugar and oil from my face. The granules came off quite easily, but after several washings, I still had a glean across my skin. But olive oil is good for the skin, right? I was more worried about clogged pores and eventual pimples than whether the oil was nourishing.

I finally had all of the goo off, and wouldn’t you know, my skin felt pretty darn soft. Baby-like, some might say. It had a similar glow to the Spa Sydell facial I tried several months before, at a fraction the cost.

Next time I try a sugar scrub I may stick to the simple mix of white sugar and oil. Maybe using another kind of sweet grain would prove less clumpy. And I think I’ll exfoliate my whole body.


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