Bubble Art (316th new thing).

July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was looking online for some cool new thing to make or try on Day Three Hundred Sixteen and came across some gorgeous images of frozen bubbles. I searched how to make them myself, and wouldn’t you know, I had all the supplies in my house. The weather was almost cold enough (aka below 32 degrees farenheit), so I figured this could be a really cool experiment.

Cracked Bubble Egg

I mixed my Joy dishwashing liquid and water together and lightly blew a bubble onto a plate. The first couple popped, but after some of the solution had coated the surface of the dish, the next few bubbles managed to stay. I made myself a little pyramid of bubbles, and imagined how beautiful they would look as frozen masterpieces. I carefully placed my unfrozen art into the freezer (it was not nearly cold enough outside yet), and sat back, counting the minutes.

After about ten minutes I decided to check on the soap’s progress. Deflated. I pulled out the slightly frozen plate of goop and began again. This time I only made a single bubble and waited for fifteen minutes. Unfortunately Patrick opened the freezer before the timer went off and the experiment once again popped before my eyes. This was much more difficult than I thought.

My best effort. Note the Skittles Vodka still leisurely hanging out in the freezer behind my half bubbles.

Round three brought some better results, albeit nothing a lovely as the photographs I found online. The best I had was a partially frozen blob about three inches wide. It lasted only a minute outside of the confines of the below-32 degree freezer. Not my best effort. The Ivory Soap experiment was much cooler (and easier).

Maybe next winter I can master the art of frozen bubbles.


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