National Cheese Lovers Day (318th new thing).

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

January 20, 2012 was National Cheese Day. Or so I thought. I have found, through extensive internet searches (aka typing “National Cheese Day 2012” into Google), that perhaps National Cheese Day was actually June 4, 2012 (months after I turned thirty). In fact, January 20th is actually considered “National Cheese Lovers Day.” Why people who eat a lot of the dairy substance get two holidays is a mystery. Either way, On Day Three Hundred Eighteen, I joined the celebration of cheese by making my own.

It was a simple “farmer’s cheese” recipe I found online. All I needed was whole milk, buttermilk, vinegar, and herbs. The secret to creating the fromage from all of this is the vinegar. And no, it doesn’t make the final product taste sour like I originally thought. It simply helps in the curdling process, which is gross enough in itself. I mean, just the idea of “separating” a dairy substance into chunky globs makes my stomach churn. But as a cheese lover, I figured if that’s how it’s done, that’s what I would do.

The process in pictures (with captions).

Most of the recipes I found suggested hanging the curdled substance on its way to becoming cheese in a knotted cheese cloth for a day or so. However, I was pressed for time and instead aided the draining by wringing out the excess liquids. I didn’t have a cheese cloth, so I used a thin towel, clean of course.

After a few minutes of squeezing, I found that I had a large softball sized ball of cheese in my towel. It had the consistency of ricotta, and probably all the flavor as well. I remedied that by mixing an assortment of dried herbs from my pantry into the cheese. It was actually beginning to look edible, maybe even tasty.

Cheese and crackers, anyone?

I took a tentative bite and was thrilled with the result. There wasn’t a mouthful of flavor by any means, but the consistency was very cheese-like. I pulled out some crackers and dipped one into my bowl of cheese. Not bad.

I was officially a Cheese Lover and Maker. Happy National Cheese Lovers Day!


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