Old Man Whisky (327th new thing).

July 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

After a long day (or evening) of work, Patrick will sometimes fix himself a “man drink” once he arrives home. This is usually bourbon in summer or scotch in winter. A creature of habit, Patrick keeps a version of one of the bottles in our tiny liquor cabinet (which currently holds a nearly full bottle of sweet vermouth from National Vodka Day, half a bottle of MacCallan that was a Christmas gift from my parents, and maybe a smidgen of brandy from who knows when). I once poured a little bourbon for a hot toddy when I felt a cold coming on (apparently a waste of good booze), but I’ve never had a desire to test out the scotch. The smell of it makes my nose hair curl. This reaction could be the result of consuming too much cheap whiskey in more youthful times, but is more likely that scotch is an “acquired taste” which I have not yet acquired.

After my own long day at work on Day Three Hundred Twenty-Seven, I decided to give the old man drink a try, Patrick style.

I had Patrick make me a “baby” version of his favorite relaxing liquor. I wasn’t going to go full old man yet. And he had to make it since he is so particular about the ratio of ice to scotch. Three cubes and two fingers of alcohol is the normal serving for Mr. Hill. I know this because if I add an extra cube of ice or an extra measurement of scotch I am quickly reminded of the rules. However, this one being a “baby” or “old lady” version, he gave me two pieces of ice, the scotch poured to the top of the second finger against the glass.

It sure did look pretty, but I was so afraid of spitting it back out as soon as the liquid touched my tongue that I waited for nearly both ices cubes to melt before I had my first sip. Patrick said I was ruining it, but I still found the flavor and alcohol pretty strong. I gradually took baby sips of my baby drink through about an hour’s worth of bad television (I still don’t know why Patrick was watching the Lifetime Movie Network, but “Sexting in Suburbia” is one weird movie). Finally I had my last gulp and it was time for bed. I did feel more relaxed than when I had first come home, but I couldn’t see having a man drink at the end of the night becoming part of my daily routine.

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