Lucid Dreaming (343rd new thing).

December 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve always had extremely vivid dreams. I remember as a child coming downstairs on weekend mornings and spending almost an hour telling my mom about some adventure I had while I was sleeping. My dreams fall into two categories: adventurous or boring. I either join some band of pirates and travel around attempting to save the world with my super powers or I have a mundane conversation with someone I see on a regular basis about something we would normally talk about. The latter is always awkward when I awake and think that the conversation actually occurred. It’s even more awkward when I try to remind someone of what they said. “Yeah, we talked about going to eat dinner, don’t you remember? You said you wanted Italian right before we jumped on the backs of those unicorns–Oh, I guess I dreamed it.” Seriously, this happens often.

The essence of lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming while you are in the dream, and I thought it could come pretty easily to me. I may have even had a lucid dream or four before, but Day Three Hundred Forty-Threee was the first time I entered into one consciously (or unconsciously depending on how you see it.

After extensive internet research that involved looking up “lucid dreaming” on wikipedia and “how to lucidly dream” on wikihow, I felt like I was set. I skimmed through the latter article and decided that after only sleeping about four hours the night before, I was a prime contender for an afternoon lucid dream. I read that marking your hand with an “X” and then seeing the cross on your fist while dreaming is a sign that you are in a dream (and aware of it). I didn’t want to be called underage or straight edge, so I opted out of marking my real live appendage, but I did manage to see an X on my hand in my dream.

I fell asleep curled up on the couch wedged next to Murphy, and was quickly dreaming. The dream began with Patrick taking me to a park or restaurant or something. We were eating. Then we were being accosted by zombies. Not real zombies though, just people dressed as them. We were involved in some sort of game of tag where the object was to kill those acting undead. We were given a super soaker each, and if you hit the monster in the mouth, he would die.

Patrick and I separated pretty quickly and I found myself alone, not knowing who was playing zombie and who was playing human. I think I may have doused some of my fellow teammates. At this point I looked down and saw the X on my hand. Holy crap, I was awake in my dream! I really felt like from that point forward I was making the decisions and not just my unconscious. I carefully looked around and squirted some walking dead, watching them fall. I ended up in a sort of recovery hospital and remembered having the thought in my dream that maybe these humans were actually being attacked and the zombies would eat me if I didn’t shoot them (with a watergun). That was strange.

I woke up for a brief moment to hear Sports Center blaring on the TV. As I fell back into my dream, the conversations around me turned to the NFL, upcoming baseball season, and Linsanity (this was several months ago). Damn you Sports Center, for polluting my dream zombies.

In the end, I ran out of water in my super soaker. A fat balding zombie got me. I still don’t know if they were real zombies, or actors as zombies, but it was never a nightmare. Besides, I guess it doesn’t matter since it was a dream. I was just stoked that I had consciously made myself aware that I was in such a state.

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