(Assistant) House Manager (346th new thing).

December 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

When Day Three Hundred Forty-Six rolled around, I was about half way through my first eight-week improvisational comedy class. I had seen a few shows performed by Automatic Improv at Relapse Theatre, but that day would be the first time I worked one. I signed up to be “Assistant House Manager.”

I met John (who was acting as “House Manager”) a little after 7 to set up for the 8 PM show. Our duties included putting out enough chairs and arranging them, adding strips of paper and mini golf pencils to each seat encouraging people to join Automatic’s mailing list, and finally to guide patrons to their seats, filling up the front row first. It was not rocket science.

I managed to convince a couple groups of women to occupy the chairs closest to the stage. “No, you won’t be picked on,” I assured them. “It really is the best seat in the house.” Which are both mostly true statements. I even talked about classes with one woman who seemed genuinely interested in taking lessons. Points for Laura.

I shut the doors when the show was to begin and stayed to watch that evening’s show. After the show I performed all those tasks in reverse: Open doors, collect scraps of paper and baby pencils, put chairs away. I ruled this simple job. I couldn’t wait until it was our time on the stage.

Now Relapse Theatre is closed, and there may not be any more shows at which to House Manage or perform. However, there is still a chance to get the theatre’s doors open. Donate here to help.

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