Cards for Business (347th new thing).

December 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

With less than twenty days remaining until my 30th birthday, I decided to try a new approach in promoting this project. I would make business cards to hand out to friends, family, and randoms on the street. And that is exactly what I did on Day Three Hundred Forty-Seven (apart from the random distribution).

I’ve never professed to be a designer of any kind, especially not a graphic designer. I like to take pictures, and I like to make things, physical validations of time spent and not wasted. But actually designing something to represent myself and what I was trying to accomplish in a year? That was difficult. I thought about using the All Blacks logo I made many “days” ago, but that didn’t really fit me. What about a caricature? A simple design? Use the photo of a stapled telephone pole at the top of this page? None of it fit.

So finally I turned to my collection of Dover Publishing images. I figured a cute vintage image paired with my name, email, and website would work.


Eh. Not everything I did this year was awesome.

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