College Basketball on the Big Stage (350th new thing).

January 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Prior to day three hundred fifty I had certainly been to Philips Arena. I’ve seen a several Hawks games, a couple Thrashers matches, a Police concert and even worked at a dog show escorting Clifford the Big Red Dog around. However, 350 became the first day I saw a college basketball game in the building: Clemson vs Ga Tech.


Forms of Orange.

Tech had been playing their season at Phillips Arena while their old stadium was being torn down and rebuilt as something newer, flashier, and generally more awesome. It was sort of like Georgia State University playing football in the Georgia Dome. Neither arena was anything close to being full and you could buy beer while watching a college sport.


One of my favorite parts of college basketball is hollering “Swoosh!” when the free throw shot goes in.

The game was as exciting as any college basketball game. Clemson won to our delight. And I got to see a regular season college basketball game while drinking a beer. Everybody won, except Ga Tech.


So true.

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