2012 Oscars (355th new thing).

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I formerly worked in the movie promotions industry. It sounds loads more glamourous than it actually was. I would help set up those free movie screenings that take place a few days before the film opens to spread word-of-mouth and encourage critics to write glowing reviews. I’d also clip any mention of the studio’s movies from all the local papers. So when awards season was upon us, my fingers would turn extra black with newspaper ink. I’d religiously watch all of the ceremonies and attempt to see the nominated films. These days I barely see any movies in the theatre and awards shows are mostly something I may catch if I’m home on a Sunday night. The most fun part of watching the shows is Patrick sitting next to me with a scotch, tipsy tweeting sarcastic comments. While that could have been considered a small party of two in itself, I had never been to a sanctioned version, complete with gambling on winners. Until Day Three Hundred Fifty-Five.


The Ballot of Shame

It turns out 2011 was a record breaking year of me NOT seeing movies. When I picked up a ballot at Gordon and Nasreen’s house, I recognized about twenty percent of the actors and films. And most of the actors were only known to me from previous movies. The winner of the oscar voting game would be the contestant with the most right answers, and out of about ten people, I finished in a solid last place. Maybe I got one answer correct, and that was a total guess.

Real life beer goggles

Real life beer goggles

Patrick and I left before the end of the show, and even now I can’t remember who won what during the ceremony. I’ve come a long way from my days policing Warner Bros’ evening screenings. Maybe this year I will try a little harder.

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