Queen of the Latte (354th new thing).

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Patrick and I were heading to Hop City on Day Three Hundred Fifty-Four to purchase some additions to my home brewing supplies. We never actually made it to the giant emporium of booze. Instead, we stopped for a coffee at Hodgepodge and my friend Lynne convinced me to try my hand at making a latte instead.


Next time I’ll draw a feather. Or a heart.

“Laura Scott, Barista” has a nice ring to it, yes?

First the official barista, whose name was also Laura, demonstrated the latte-making process. I took notes detailing each step to the art:

1. Grind the beans into the holder.
2. Make a rounded top on the holder.
3. Thirty pounds of pressure onto the ground coffee with the mallet thing.
4. Insert into machine.
5. Pour milk into metal pitcher.
6. Steam the milk to make foam.
7. Brew the espresso for 20 seconds (with a timer). Coffee should come out of the spigot after five seconds.
8. Pour milk over espresso.
10. Clean everything.
11. Drink latte.


After the demonstration, I tried my hand at creating my own version, with reminders along the way. Laura also double checked my work, making a better rounded top into my freshly ground beans and adding more pressure to the rounded scoop.

The espresso came out of its spigot after exactly 5 seconds and I intently watched the timer for fifteen more to ensure perfect timing. In the end, I made a yummy soy latte (mostly) all by myself.

I wouldn’t hire me as an official barista anytime soon without further training, but I certainly have more appreciation for the job. I can see why the job even has a unique, cool-sounding title.


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