My Birthday Present to Myself (363rd new thing).

January 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

My thirtieth birthday grew nearer and I decided to reward myself for both aging and finishing the grand project of trying something new everyday. I bought myself a birthday present, something I’ve never done before. On Day Three Hundred Sixty-Three I bought a new DSLR camera: the Canon 60D.

I had been wanting to upgrade from my Rebel Xti for awhile, but couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new camera body. So I also bought a new lens, a Sigma 17-50mm which fit into my budget once I applied for a no-interest credit card (now paid off).

Although I haven’t used my camera as much as I should (the camera on my phone is so readily available at all times), I’m definitely happy with my splurge. And now my goal for 2013 can be to make an effort for more photography. Maybe on my thirty-first birthday I’ll begin a photo-a-day blog.

If I’ve finished writing this one.


The Dumbest Thing Ever (319th new thing).

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have this friend, Andre. And every time I would ask him for suggestions of new things to try throughout my twenty-ninth year, he would respond the same. “Walk through a door backwards. I bet you’ve never done that.” So on his birthday, I decided to take his advice, and try to walk through every door backwards. Hello, Day Three Hundred Nineteen.

I failed miserably. I thought I would start off on shaky feet, but quickly, as the day wore on, I could add walking through doors backwards just another part of my routine. Maybe a little OCD, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Do you know how many doors we walk through in a day? A lot.

I perfected my walk/twirl method but only managed to show it off once a peer reminded me of my daily task. I went to a birthday party for Andre that night and needless to say, he was a bit disappointed in my lack of effort. To make up for it, I decided to add another new activity to my day.

Energy, Alcohol, and great tasting to boot!

I tried Four Loko. The energy drink that comes in 16oz cans and contains 10% alcohol.

I didn’t go crazy or anything. The drink tasted like carbonated kool-aid with an extra cup of sugar. It was gross. I had a couple sips (to say I tried it), and then moved back to my home brew.

Four Loko Crazy! Thanks for the taste, Aimee!

In the end, I actually participated in two new experiences on Day Three Hundred Nineteen. I walked through doors backwards (you should really try it sometime) and I tasted Four Loko. Two of the dumbest things ever.

Happy Birthday, Andre.

National Buy-A-Book Day (183rd new thing).

October 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Day One Hundred Eighty-Three was Patrick’s birthday and the halfway point of my 29th year. I know, it’s kind of weird that our birthdays are exactly six months apart, at least on a leap year. I decided that Patrick, on his birthday where he probably didn’t really want to make any decisions, could choose what new experience I had. And he sent me a link alerting me to the fact that it was National Buy-A-Book Day. I love buying books, so I figured we could mosey on down to A Capella, see Dr. Rev. Chris X, and buy a couple books once I got home form work.

Except I was knackered when I got home from work, and promptly fell into a nap. I woke up a few hours later to realize that A Capella was closed. So I went online to Amazon. I know, National Buy-A-Book Day should definitely be about supporting your locally owned independent book store, and I suck. But I did buy a book. I bought five, in fact.

Hooray for literacy, and you may even see (most) of them on my Book Challenge list from Day 156.

You can pickle anything (182nd new thing).

October 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

The day before Patrick’s 30-something birthday his parents happened to be in town and were nice enough to take us (mostly him, for his birthday and all) out to dinner at Wisteria. As an appetizer we all split the pimento cheese deviled eggs, and so for the first time I tasted a pickled okra which was served on the side.

Despite growing up in the South, I’ve never really been an okra person. The only times I think I have eaten the vegetable are chopped into bite sized pieces and fried, usually at the EARL. The uncooked version looks strange, like it is hiding a disturbing secret within it’s green exterior. The pickled version looks slimier, more yellowed. Sounds appealing, huh?

After we each finished our portion of the pimento cheese deviled eggs (so rich, but very delicious), I tried a bit of the pickled garnish.

It was tasty. I liked the slightly sour flavor from the pickling. Pickled cucumbers (aka “Pickles” to us Americans) and pickled onions (and English thing) are the only pickled anything I’ve tried, so I was pleased to find another vegetable (or fruit) I could brine. Not that I’ve ever pickled anything.

Perhaps something to add to this year’s list?

Grasshopper Pie (181st new thing).

October 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Patrick’s mom makes yummy desserts, and by far my favorite is her Grasshopper Pie. I enjoy mint flavored ice cream and oreos, so really, what’s not to love? On Day One Hundred Eighty-One I put on my chef hat and recreated the tasty pie for Patrick’s birthday.

Dreamy Pie

I didn’t follow a recipe; I just kind of went by what ingredients Mrs. Hill had told me were in the dessert. A tub of vanilla ice cream, melted a little and mixed with some green food coloring and peppermint extract, layered on a crust of crushed oreos and butter mixed together. At first I thought I had added too much coloring, and I had a flashback of drinking a green beer with a similar mistake. Then I thought I had added too much peppermint, but it turns out I just hadn’t mixed it all in properly with the ice cream.

The most difficult part was smushing the oreos. I tried it by hand, with the blade of a knife, and finally stuffed the cookies into a mixer. The last tool worked the best. I layered the cookies into a pie dish with the melted butter and dumped the green ice cream on top, garnishing with some more oreo crumbs.

It must have been pretty good because we’d eaten it all by the end of the next day.

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