A Whirlyball Tale (322nd new thing).

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On Day Three Hundred Twenty-Two, Patrick asked if I would like to join him and The EARL in a Whirlyball game against Ticket Alternative. Of course! While I have played the sport before, I had never played against TA, so certainly considered it as “something new.”

Marc Crifasi admires the panorama of activity on the Whirlyball court

The game is played like a combination of basketball and lacrosse, except in bumper cars. Two teams of five roam around an electrified floor with small plastic scoops, passing and bouncing a whiffle ball across the court.  Points are scored by hitting the goal, essentially a basketball backboard with a hole in the middle instead of a hoop. A buzzer sounds as the ball hits its target and voila, a point is tallied! Points can also be gained by the opposing team fouling a member of your own: by slashing their scoop at one of your teammates or touching the ball with their hands. Some extreme games are played without the foul penalties.

A fight for the ball

We met up at Whirlyball Atlanta after some pre-game BBQ at Dreamland BBQ. The first games were a mishmash of players from each side in 15 minute increments. I found my own strategy pretty quickly: stay on the guy who could score and block him from ever getting the ball. It was kind of counter productive in the interest of fun and I felt bad for not allowing him to navigate across the floor, but we won. I’m not taking full credit, but a little would be OK, right?

I tend to get a little competitive, but only during the confines of games, any games. Board games are the worst.

We mixed and matched teams until the last game of the night arrived- the official “Official Ticket Alternative vs The EARL” game.

John keeping the red team away from the goal

The blur of speed

We lost. But it was fun. I managed to score a goal and forgot about inhibiting the opposing team. I really felt bad about my actions from earlier.

And there’s the moral of the story…winning or losing, Whirlyball is fun for everyone.


Day Sixty-One. Frozen (Peach) Margarita

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After our kickball game on Day Sixty-One, we headed to Young Augustine’s for some post Spring season libations. Despite spotty service, the food and drinks at this bar are actually quite tasty.  As a bonus, teammate Ben said that they had a new frozen margarita machine. Frozen margarita? Holy hell, I’d never had one of those before! So on Day Sixty-One, for the first time, I drank a frozen margarita. A peach one at that.

Sweaty Post-Kickball Drink.

It was pretty tasty, albeit quite sweet and tart. Certainly refreshing after a hour long kickball match. And it went well with my Pimp-Fil-A.

Laura has one

Crifasi's Gay Summer Beverage

Day Thirty. Shot Roulette.

April 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

I went to the EARL the evening of day twenty-nine to see a show. Since I was there after midnight and knew I was coming up on a super busy work day, I decided to declare it Day Thirty. Whether this will come back to bite me, we shall see.

And my activity for Day Thirty was to play shot roulette. Marc Crifasi’s idea. He took the shot book from behind the bar and as he flipped quickly through the pages I stuck my finger out and picked one. Then I closed my eyes and pointed to a spot on the open book, thus choosing our beverage.

The ATP. Bourbon and Amaretto. I hate shots. I got all the shot drinking out of my system when I was twenty years old studying abroad in England. My friend had the wise idea that upon entering a nightclub, however many of us would sashay up to the bar would each order a shot of something. A shot of something for the number of people participating. And then we would take them, one after the other, no pauses. It was a great way to get tipsy enough to dance the night away, but the thought of it nowadays makes me gag a little. I would always pick apple sour to wash away the taste of vodka, whiskey, and malibu rum that had just gone down my gizzard.

So this was kind of a gross idea to me.

But I did it. And it was new.

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