Day Fifty-Seven. Massaging a Puppet Goose.

May 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Day Fifty-Seven was the second and final day of the Georgia Lottery shoot. It was looong. Like leaving the house at 6AM and returning seventeen hours later long. I’m sure I did many new things while working, but the one that sticks out the most is being a stand-in for the extras and massaging a muppet goose.

The puppets were from the Jim Henson studios and were very fragile. In fact, there was a person whose sole responsibility was to handle the birds and ensure they retained their perfect goosey shape. I was only able to touch them when the crew needed a stand-in for the extras portraying masseuses. Being a chick and all, I fit the description, and Amy the puppet handler took the other massage therapist stand-in position. I shed my shoes and stood on a platform stage gently pretending to rub down the feathered fabric. Very gently.

It was certainly an interesting experience.


Day Fifty-Six. Green Screen and Muppets.

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Day Fifty-Six was the first of the actual shooting days for the Georgia Lottery commercials. As a PA, I was mostly responsible for driving the out-of-town director and producer to and from their hotel (The Georgian Terrace), manning the video feed for the agency, and generally helping out whenever a member of production needed it. The main new activity for the day was watching a green screen commercial being filmed with muppets.

It was kind of cool.

Atrium of the Georgian Terrace

And now that the commercials have been aired, I can share some of the pictures taken during the shoot.

Tilt Shift Green Screen

Actors, Crew, and Clients

Day Fifty-Five. BBDO and Pre-Production Books.

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On Day Fifty-Five I worked a freelance production assistant gig for a Georgia Lottery shoot. The first day was a pre-production day, and I spent most of it putting together binders for the meeting between the agency, producers, and director. While working freelance wasn’t a new activity, putting the pre-production books together and visiting advertising firm BBDO in Buckhead was certainly a new experience.

Like on many commercials, many elements changed before the first day of shooting. Namely, the scripts and elements I carefully trimmed and added to the binders. I spent most of the morning adding and removing script pages to the aforementioned binders I was putting together. Keeping fifteen books with fifty pages each in order was a tedious task, but not altogether difficult. I quickly developed a system to move things along nicely, and by the time it was the hour to head to the big advertising firm’s offices, we were set.

The offices were how you would envision a modern day Mad Men scene to look. Open space, creatives running around, but instead of sixties swag the two floors were decorated with urban graffiti art and big white walls. It definitely seemed like a cool place to work. We set up the snacks and cheese platter in the conference room, arranged the puppets that would be used in the commercial in chairs, and waited outside while the important people discussed important things.

I even had an enthralling conversation with a muppet.


The most exciting part of the day though, was taking the director back to his hotel. There was some small talk and I brought up this blog, the attempt to do something new every day for a year. Amazingly, he had a friend who had also attempted (and completed) the same task a couple of years ago. I was excited that the idea wasn’t super original (I feel a kind of guilt from borrowing the idea from Stephanie) and slightly intimidated (said friend is now a writer on The Colbert Report and therefore infinitely more creative than I).

And Opus’s blog is funny. And not too wordy. And he did boring things too sometimes. But I don’t think I’ll get a tattoo.

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