A-Hole Santa (271st new thing).

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Henry from Chunklet and Armando from The Drunken Unicorn set up in a local business every holiday season for a classic photo op: A-Hole Santa. You can bring friends, children, pets, and even your favorite stuffed animal and be photographed with the drunken Santa and his sidekick Jesus (pronounced “Hay-Zeus”). On Day Two Hundred Seventy-Two Murphy and I met Kristin and Johnny for our own chance at making some holiday memories.

Johnny and Murphy, Santa and Jesus.

Both the boy and the pup look a little confused.

Kristin and I join in the fun.

I was supposed to be pouring beer on Johnny's head, but instead just look transfixed by the can. Meanwhile, Murph makes a move on Kristin.


Shiny Happy Fingers (249th new thing).

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On Day Two Hundred Forty-Nine I wore gold glitter nail polish that had been artfully applied at Kristin’s house the evening prior. There were some definite mixed reactions. Black women loved the look, but most men (meaning my boss and my boyfriend) mocked me for it in a nose turned up sort of way. I just kept marveling at the sparkles my fingertips gave off as any light reflected off of them. It was like a wonderful disco ball on my hand. Ten disco balls even.



Very Pinteresting (192nd new thing).

October 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

I had heard of this new social media sharing website Pinterest several times before actually joining on Day One Hundred Ninety-Two. It sounded cool, a unique new idea for sharing your likes, interests, and inspiration. I can’t count the ways I have bookmarked different stories and ideas, storing them away for a later date of revisiting. Stars on my reader, likes on Stumble Upon, old bookmarks folder in whatever browser I was using at the time, and even the old copy and pasting of the url into an email or document. Pinterest could be another method of storage.

I started by creating a book list, to add books I was reading or had read recently, in conjunction with the list on the sidebar of this site. I then added a category called “things I’ve done,” bookmarking past blog posts with images I liked. I then made an inspiration board, but only added one link, something my friend Kristin had shared on Facebook. It was a beautiful scene of a floating outdoor bed. Having a screened-in porch, I found the idea of napping on a full sized bed outside within the confines of a lake-house looking porch pretty awesome.

And I haven’t added too much since. The main problem is that the easiest way to mark something is with a widget on my laptop’s browser. Unfortunately, I surf the web on a number of different other devices, and without having that key piece of ease and simplicity on my phone or work computer, “pinning” something is more difficult. So I revert back to copying and pasting the link and emailing it to myself or adding it to my notes folder on my phone.

I do, however, love the email notifications when another Pinterst users “repins” my stuff. It’s almost worth having the boards purely for the validation it provides.

That and seeing a bunch of book covers in a cute little box on my screen is symmetrically beautiful all by itself.

One Hundred Two. Teeee Ball.

July 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Day One Hundred Two I met my friend Kristin to watch her son Johnny play T-Ball. Unfortunately, the other team chose not to show up, so the “game” turned into more of a practice with a bunch of four year-olds running around the field tackling each other for the ball. It was adorable.


If you’ve never had the fortune to see a sports team populated by players under five, you’re missing out. The first time I witnessed such an event was watching my four year-old brother play soccer. My dad was the coach. All we could see was a great herd of about twenty little boys slowly moving up and down a pint sized field. The goalie sat in the grass looking for clovers as the mass of bodies moved across the green like a pinball in slow motion. You could also see their little feet kicking forward at each other, toward the center of the group, presumably where there may (or may not) have been a soccer ball. Every so often the ball would escape from the stampede of children and there would come a break as everyone rushed to the new location where the herd would resume its previous activity.

I got it!

Race for the ball

T-ball was slightly different in that baseball is a more complicated sport to teach to a kid. There’s defense and offense and running around bases and throwing the ball to a specific location, which changes as the runner advances. In Johnny’s game, dads stood out in the field with various little boys around them while one player swung at the ball placed solidly on the tee. Most of the time the ball barely made it to the fielders hunched in the grass. And if it did a small fight ensued on who would get the ball. One boy picks it up and then gets tackled because another boy wants it. It’s the most basic, beginning idea of baseball. Get the ball.

There may have been some biting

The kids all did well, though you could see a look boredom forming on their faces as they waited for their turn to hit. Johnny was adorable as he kept running over to us to say hello. There was a juice break and another round of practice until the tackling came to be too much and the dads decided to call it a day.

A hit!

I had a great time, mostly for the company, and despite going out to root for a team called the Yankees. Next time I will have to see how crazy it gets with eleven more kids and two teams involved!

Juice Break

Ninety-One. Chattanooga Incline.

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I had Day Ninety-One off from work, so Patrick and I decided to take a day trip to Chattanooga and see what the city a couple hours away had to offer. The last time I had been there was on a whim New Year’s Day several years past, when Steven, Kristin, and I fancied a road trip. Everything was closed for the holiday, so we ended up driving up there, eating at a brewpub, and heading back home. Hopefully this trip would prove more adventurous.

I had been to Rock City and Ruby Falls as a kid, so those were out. But I’d never rode the Incline Railway up to Lookout Mountain. And despite his fear of heights, Patrick agreed to the trip. We had ridden an incline railway once before, in Pittsburgh, but this one was far more touristy. And longer.

Although we didn’t have time to See Rock City again, the visit was a great day trip, and the company exceptional.

Looking down the incline

I even enlisted Patrick to find a new geocache!

Day Thirty-Six. Johnny sees the Braves.

April 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Day Thirty-Six, we went to a Braves game (again). I thought I would have to order a Tomarita, but instead we invited Kristin and Johnny to go with us to celebrate the little one’s fourth birthday. And it was his first ball game.

We helped him make an impromptu sign and decked him out in my Bravos hat and a foam tomahawk, so he was all set to go.

Seeing a ballgame with a four year old is quite the experience. Even though he seemed a little disappointed that we weren’t actually going down to the field to play baseball, he had a pretty good time being a little cheerleader. I certainly had a ton of fun whispering heckles and cheers into his ear and having him shout them out with unbridled enthusiasm.

The Braves didn’t win, and in fact almost didn’t even get a hit. But the evening was probably one of the most fun losing games I had seen. Though Johnny probably won’t remember the experience, I certainly will have fond memories.

Day Eighteen. Bloody Mary.

March 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Day Eighteen, I planned to go to the Vegan Bake Sale at Criminal Records benefiting the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. Unfortunately by the time Patrick and I left the house and sat through crazy traffic in Little Five Points, no vegan delights remained. We browsed Criminal’s assortment of records and CDs, asking around to see where we could find a good Bloody Mary in the neighborhood, my new activity for the day.

Shannon said that The Highland Tap has the best in town, that The EARL’s are decent too, but for a Saturday afternoon in Little Five Points, Corner Tavern would be our best bet. So we headed to Corner Tavern.

I ordered my Bloody Mary drink and Patrick, a Guinness. I quickly discovered that I don’t particularly like Bloody Marys. Something about the tomato juice flavor with a tanginess and spiciness rubbed me the wrong way. I made many faces, but I finished the 16 ounces of nastiness like a trooper. About halfway through Patrick suggested (between snickers at my expressions) that we add some Guinness to the concoction. I was slightly reluctant; it would give me more liquid to consume. It actually cut the tart, spicy flavors that irked my palate.

I chugged the remaining tomato drink. Although it did seem to alleviate the last bit of a hangover I had from my late night with Liz the previous evening, I couldn’t seem to get the unappealing taste out of my mouth. Patrick graciously shared the rest of his stout with me.

Since trying the BM, some have said that I simply didn’t like the Corner Tavern’s version, that other bars served better ones. Perhaps they are right, but I don’t see what anyone could do differently to eliminate the tastes that I didn’t enjoy in the drink. I mean, it was the tomato juice and spices, and those are main components of any Bloody Mary.

We did end up getting some vegan treats. We stopped by Kristin’s on the way home to make a donation to the cause and she was awesome enough to let us choose from a selection she had leftover. The vegan butterfinger was kind of awesome.

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