Sixty-Seven. A Fleet Foxes Show.

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Sixty-Seven I went to the Tabernacle to see Fleet Foxes, something I had never done before (is there some kind of theme to this blog??). Beards covered the faces of more than half the male audience members (I should have counted them). I felt bad for the ones without facial hair, but they were more the fratty, I’m-here-because-my girlfriend-bought-the-tickets type.

The show was pretty cool, and the band sounded terrific.  I was also able to see our friend Mark who now lives in Hilton Head and hang out with our kickballing, margarita drinking, Turner Field photo-taking pal Laura Warner during the headliner’s performance. Pretty sweet.

VIP what?


Day Sixty-Three. Model with Braves Greats.

May 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Day Sixty-Three, I went to a(nother) Atlanta Braves game with a big group of people. I was planning on trying a Tomarita (the Braves version of a Margarita), but since I had tried my first of the frozen beverages only a few days earlier, I opted for another new activity. My new activity for Day Sixty-Three was to have my picture taken with all of the bronze statues of past Braves Greats sprinkled around the courtyard in front of the ticketing window.

My friend Laura took pictures as I tried to imitate the positioning of each player.

Warren Spahn

Phil Niekro

Hank Aaron

Once again, the Braves lost, but the company was pretty awesome.

Day Sixty-One. Frozen (Peach) Margarita

May 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

After our kickball game on Day Sixty-One, we headed to Young Augustine’s for some post Spring season libations. Despite spotty service, the food and drinks at this bar are actually quite tasty.  As a bonus, teammate Ben said that they had a new frozen margarita machine. Frozen margarita? Holy hell, I’d never had one of those before! So on Day Sixty-One, for the first time, I drank a frozen margarita. A peach one at that.

Sweaty Post-Kickball Drink.

It was pretty tasty, albeit quite sweet and tart. Certainly refreshing after a hour long kickball match. And it went well with my Pimp-Fil-A.

Laura has one

Crifasi's Gay Summer Beverage

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