World Class Ham (326th new thing).

July 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I like taking pictures. I like being in pictures. I like manipulating motion (jump!) contortion (stick out your tongue!), and positioning (stand there!) of people in pictures. So when I discovered the photo booth at my friend Liz’s post-wedding shindig on Day Three Hundred Twenty-Six, I was excited. I commandeered it.

The photo booth was one of those open air, DSLR set up on a tripod in front of a wall type deals, my first in fact. And with the shutter release remote tucked into my palm, I directed my friends (and even strangers) into jumping and cheesing and posing. Wine helped.

In no particular order, visual proof of my cheesing:

Cheesing it up with the ladies. Liz is bemused.

“Act Surprised”

I really don’t know in which direction this was going.

Addressing the camera.

The Varsity Hats

The beginning of the series “jump!”

Matt takes jumping to heart.

Liz is shocked by my jumping skillz.

Liz joins the jump movement.

Liz’s dad joins the photobooth action.

And now for more “alternative” posing…

OMG, everyone point at the window!

And…the solo jump.

I had a ton of fun jumping around and making faces, but what I think I took away from the experience is to not be such a ham. And maybe to not watch so much America’s Next Top Model for inspiration.


Cock Fight (207th new thing).

November 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Day Two Hundred and I was headed to a bachelorette party, for one Miss Elizabeth Berry. I was excited to see my friend again, as well as to participate in what amounted to an adult sleepover. An adult sleepover with games.

I had a selection of new experiences to choose from for this post, but the one game/activity that stands out the most in my memory was a physical battle…while wearing inflatable…um, male genitalia.

Faces changed to protect the not-so-innocent

The object of the cock fight was to wave your strapped-on balloon at your opponent to knock their own member off. Penis envy as a party game.

We battled and laughed, so much that I cried (it doesn’t really take much laughter to spring tears from my eyes).

I gathered a few techniques: wear the appendage with the strongest Velcro; swing your hips for momentum; and hit your opponent at the base of their balloon.

The battle

I applied these ideas wholeheartedly. But Leza beat me. I think I lapsed on the first technique, to wear the better tool.

Doggy Cam (149th new thing).

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Patrick and I were heading to Litchfield-by-the-Sea for a long weekend of beachiness with Patrick’s parents. It’s a yearly tradition. Andre would be house and dog sitting for us while we were away, so I dropped Murphy off for doggy daycare the morning of Day One Hundred Forty-Nine with the idea that he would be plenty worn out by the time Dre picked him up after work. We take him every so often to the pet sitting facility. Wag-A-Lot is in a  high-ceilinged, bright & colorful building, and they utterly and completely cater to your pooch. The large and small dogs are separated (even if our dog would rather hang with the big ones) to socialize and chill the day away. Murph loves it. One of the features on their website is the webcam. Since Murphy usually goes to daycare while Patrick and I are traveling and I never have access to wifi or my laptop (the webcam doesn’t work on a smartphone), On Day One Hundred Forty-Nine I took advantage of the time before we left the house and for the first time, stalked my dog via webcam.

Wag-A-Lot also takes pictures of your pup that you can download.

As you may imagine, the set-up is similar to that popular puppy cam site or watching the baby animals in the zoo. Except this was the pooch I know and love, so watching practically nothing happen while dogs wander back and forth is incredibly addicting. “Oh, I saw him!” I squealed as Patrick tried to load up the car. “Isn’t he adorable?!” and then, “There he goes again!” Doing nothing. Well, he kind of followed around whatever human was walking through. I even forwarded the link to my friend Liz, who is also a Murphy fan.

While I don’t think watching any random dogs walk to and fro in front of a low resolution camera is much fun, searching for your own pup is positively delightful. If Patrick hadn’t ushered me out the door with a threat of no beach, I could have probably stared at the screen for hours. Unfortunately, once we arrived at Litchfield it was after-hours at the dog house, so I didn’t get another chance to see Murph. Maybe next time I can take him in solely so I can watch him from home. Yeah, it’s that addictive.

Eighty-Eight. Happy Birthday, Kingston!

June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Eighty-Eight, I met my friend Liz’s little boy, Kingston, for the first time. On his third birthday. I had certainly seen pictures of the tot through Liz’s Flickr and Facebook accounts, but since I only get to see Liz about once every couple months (maybe even less now that she lives in the ‘burbs), and in the evenings, Kingston is usually snugly tucked away for the night.

Happy Family

I made the trek up I-75 and arrived to the party in full swing. I saw many adult friends and chatted to them while we waited for the big cake and presents moment. One of the highlights was the homemade ice cream Liz and Pili had mixed up the night before. Strawberry Banana Scrumptious. Then we all headed over to the living room where Kingston sat in his perfectly proportioned Grandpa-style kid recliner. Liz and Jeremiah were exceptionally efficient in the task of gift opening. Liz would choose a present, Kingston would unwrap it, everyone would ooh and ahh and then Jeremiah would really open it and make it play-time ready. I was impressed.

Opening the Presents

I had fun. I don’t get to hang around children too often, so a kid’s birthday party is a great amount of awesome adult time with see how cute everyone’s babies are time too. And Kingston’s cute. Hopefully I’ll be able to see more of him (and Liz) before he turns six in three years!

Cake Face

Day Seventeen. Bathroom Graffiti.

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

In my early twenties, I lived in Cabbagetown for a couple years. 97 Estoria was our neighborhood bar.  In fact, the second half of my stint in the community I lived right next door to the bar, on the other side of the fence, before there was a fence. In the later years of being a twenty-something I have frequented the bar less and less. However, on Day Seventeen my friend Liz was coming to town from the suburbs for the evening and suggested we go hang out and see a friend who was working that night.

I was going to let Liz decide what new activity I should attempt. I suggested writing on the bathroom wall of the bar and she jumped on it, especially since she so handily carries a sharpie in her purse. So on Day Seventeen, I added art to the wall in the ladies’ toilet at 97 Estoria.

Trying to decide how I should mark my territory was a difficult decision. I thought about the uncreative “Laura was here,” or “LS + LB = BFF,” or even just writing a quote I admired. I didn’t fully decide until I shut myself in and pulled out the marker. I found a blank space by the toilet paper holder, and emboldened by half a pitcher of Coors Light, I started to write. I wrote a tagline to this blog. It seemed appropriate. And then I decorated around the words with some 8 year-old girly swirls.

New task accomplished, I returned to Liz and the patio where we had an impromptu photo session featuring some red lipstick and continued making up for months of not seeing each other by talking nonstop. I can’t wait until our next lady date. Next time, I’ll go to the burbs and tag her bathroom.

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