Reality Stars (283rd new thing).

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

My parents love The Amazing Race. In the summer of its first season I was traveling in Europe, but I came home to find Sunday nights filled with the suspense of who would be eliminated from the race next. My dad casually mentioned that he thought we could participate in the journey together, but I never saw how he could complete the activities involving small cramped spaces or heights. Besides, I would fail miserably at trying anything that involved eating a foreign food with a disgustingly unpleasant texture. We never sent in our audition tape, but when I saw a call for entries into a cross country rally race sponsored by Ford Escape (which I had now driven), I emailed him to see if he still had ideas of being a sort of reality TV star. He said sure, so on Day Two Hundred Eighty-Three I entered us via email.

The ol, "Hold the camera out with your arms" trick.

The entry form asked us to email in our names, ages, location, and all social media links. Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blog, Twitter. I had one of each, but my dad…he had an email address, albeit a work one. Then I wrote a little blurb about why we would be good for the race, which was basically a marketing vehicle (vehicle….Ford Escape…har har).

Hello, Awkward Family Photos?

I wrote a fairly brief paragraph, attached a few pictures (featured in this post), and sent off the email.

Two days later I received a canned reply inviting me to Google chat (sponsor?) with the casting team. They suggested I also invite other friends and family members to the chat so that they could find the “best fit.” I got the hint. Dad wasn’t social media savvy enough.

I didn’t reply.

And I also didn’t attend the Atlanta casting call a few weeks later with my VIP, skip the line printout. Because really, who would want to be an internet reality star by pimping out a car and clogging the Twitterverse with entries on how cool it was?

My favorite Dad and Murphy photo.

Not me, and I guess not my dad either. He’s not even on Twitter.


Live Blogging the Emmys (194th new thing).

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Note: I know the timing of this post is not really all that relevant, but lets all step back a month or two and pretend that it’s fresh. Or we could just reminisce.

I watched the Emmys on Day One Hundred Ninety-Four, which I may or may not have done before in my life. I feel like I could have possibly tuned in and out throughout the evening should nothing else be on TV as I was vegging out. Just to be safe, I planned on watching the entire ceremony, and live blogging/tweeting about it. At least for a short while.

I decided to test out my live blogging skills on Gawker. I loaded up the page and continually refreshed to check out the new comments. And then I worked up the courage to write one of my own. Well, actually it was only a reply. “Here, here!” to be exact. It was the first thing that come to my mind after reading a commenter’s words that perfectly illustrated what I was thinking. If you were watching the pre-show on FOX, it was when the two British interviewers were singing to Steve Buschemi.

And then I posted about Heidi Klum’s dress and how it was cool that she wore Christian Siriano (a previous Project Runway winner) and I liked it. I’m glad it wasn’t approved in a timely manner because the commentators started ripping on the gown. I’m a boring dresser, what do I know? I watch Project Runway for the drama.

I also tried my hand at a few tweets, but between checking between the two websites (Gawker and Twitter) and two channels (FOX and E!) , I missed some of the actual content.

I decided to hang up my social media commentary and just watch the awards show, all the way through. I’ll leave the reviews to those with better multi-tasking skills. Or at least an app that sends their comments to all of their social networking accounts.



Day Two. Tweet Tweet.

March 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am decently connected in the social media world. I have a Facebook, Myspace, even Friendster (although I have ceased checking the last two), I use gmail, a reader, and bookmarks. But no Twitter…yet.

Feeling slightly hungover and generally tired, I needed something simple yet effective to accomplish on Day Two. Twitter fulfilled both requirements.

I set up an account (@laurajaynescott…original, I know) and wrote a couple tweets. Both were to Patrick. I used an @ and a hashtag! Although, I think I messed up on the whole hashtags-have-to-be one-word idea.

The more exciting part was deciding whom to follow. I started with selecting from people or groups my friends were following. Huffington Post, Norm MacDonald, other friends, etc. In retrospect, I may have gotten a bit overly click-happy. Now when I open my twitter, I only recognize about three-quarters of those I follow.  And Norm tweets too much.

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