The List

Everything so far. Items without a link have not been written and/or published yet. So you know I am truly keeping up, at least with the doing.

    1. Surprise Birthday Party
    2. Tweet
    3. Make a Vegan Dessert
    4. Hike Mount Arabia
    5. Knit a Tea Cozy
    6. Jog with Patrick
    7. Publish a Real Blog
    8. Get a Chinese Foot Massage
    9. Drink a Green Beer (on St. Patrick’s Day)
    10. Eat a Big Mac
    11. Check out a Supermoon
    12. Poach an Egg
    13. Eat a Ghetto Burger
    14. See the Asymmetry of my Face
    15. Make a Linocut
    16. Donate to NPR’s Pledge Drive
    17. Write on a Public Bathroom Wall
    18. Drink a Bloody Mary
    19. Try a Breathe Right Nasal Strip
    20. See a Driver Flip me off
    21. Paint a Mug
    22. Drive a Stick Shift
    23. Facet a Gemstone
    24. See a Play Alone
    25. Donate my Hair to Locks of Love
    26. Watch a Comedy Special on TV
    27. Do my own Taxes
    28. Make a Fan T-Shirt
    29. Shoot a Gun
    30. Play Shot Roulette
    31. Get my Face Airbrushed
    32. Do the Great Urban Race
    33. Clip and Organize Coupons
    34. Make Soap
    35. Buy something from
    36. Go to Johnny’s First MLB Game
    37. Drink a Frappuccino
    38. Call the Governor to Express my Opinion
    39. Go to the Atlanta Steeplechase
    40. Work the Door at the EARL
    41. Put Vapor Rub on my Feet
    42. Thoroughly Clean my New Car
    43. See a ball game at Dodger Stadium
    44. Be a Tourist in Los Angeles
    45. Try a Sushi Burrito, Pinkberry, and Molecular Gastronomy
    46. Visit the beaches of Los Angeles
    47. Go through an airport body scanner
    48. Roast a chicken
    49. Design a Logo
    50. Eat a Banana Pudding Milkshake from Chick-fil-a
    51. Rescue Cardinals
    52. Watch the “Royal Wedding”
    53. Plant Topsy Turvy Tomatoes
    54. Build a Compost Bin
    55. Visit BBDO
    56. Work on a Green Screen Commercial
    57. Massage a Muppet
    58. Rent a movie from Red Box
    59. Try a 2 hr at-home teeth whitening
    60. Participate in Free Comic Book Day
    61. Drink a Frozen Margarita
    62. Use an edger
    63. Get photographed with Braves’ statues
    64. Get a Brazilian Wax
    65. Name a Star
    66. Bra Fitting
    67. See the Fleet Foxes
    68. Open a Coconut
    69. Bike to Morris Island Lighthouse
    70. Kayak with Dolphins into the Sunset
    71. Watch the sun rise on the beach
    72. Use an Ear Candle
    73. Ride Along with a Police Officer
    74. See a Music Festival in a Cemetery
    75. Taste Aloe Pulp Juice
    76. Join Four Square
    77. Eat at a restaurant with a previously failing health score
    78. Make a glass fusion mosaic
    79. Write a Yelp review
    80. French Braid someone’s hair
    81. Eat a Turkey Leg (at the Renaissance Festival)
    82. Play Baseball Bingo
    83. Listen to the radio broadcast and keep score while at a baseball game
    84. Do the Ab Ripper X Workout
    85. Go Geocaching
    86. Refill windshield washer fluid
    87. Eat at Popeye’s
    88. Meet Kingston at his 3rd Birthday Party
    89. Make Apple Dumplings from scratch
    90. Learn to use my sewing machine
    91. Ride the Lookout Mountain Incline
    92. Trim my dog with clippers
    93. Join the Public Library
    94. Eat Raw for a Day
    95. Juice Cleanse, Day One
    96. Juice Cleanse, Day Two
    97. Put a humane anti-barking collar on my dog
    98. Eat a Summer Dog at a Braves game
    99. Take a Golf Lesson
    100. Drink Coconut Water
    101. Do 100 Push-Ups
    102. Watch Johnny play T-Ball
    103. Take a guided tour of Oakland Cemetery
    104. Visit a Voodoo Shop
    105. Hit a bucket of balls at the Driving Range
    106. Learn to chip and putt on the golf course
    107. Register a domain name
    108. Try Peach Salsa
    109. Golf with my dad
    110. Aerate Red Wine
    111. Cook Salmon on a Traeger Smoker Grill
    112. Try a Homeopathic Remedy
    113. Send in a post-card to Post Secret
    114. Watch “Toddlers and Tiaras”
    115. Quill Paper
    116. Eat at LeRoy’s Fried Chicken
    117. Create a font from my handwriting
    118. Shoot the Hooch
    119. Drink a Tomarita
    120. Bake Giant Pretzels
    121. Attempt to open a beer bottle with a sheet of paper
    122. Intentionally avoid the interstate for a day
    123. Visit the Waffle House Museum
    124. Express Murphy’s anal glands
    125. Feed Bush Dogs at Zoo Atlanta
    126. Drink a Frosted Orange at the Varsity
    127. Take a shot with my little brother
    128. See Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Part 2) at midnight
    129. Eat tomatoes that I grew
    130. Use Petty Paws on my dog
    131. Play with the photograph effect bokeh
    132. Finish the fourth book of A Song of Ice and Fire series
    133. Try Resentin at Empire State South
    134. Be presented with a plaque for 10 years at a company
    135. Purchase Health Insurance
    136. Try the Miracle Fruit tablets
    137. Attend a Charity Gala
    138. Make an egg white face mask
    139. Exercise with Wii Sports Active
    140. Create a list of curses
    141. Drink a Giant Beer at Lakewood
    142. See Bon Iver and The Rosebuds
    143. Eat a Buffalo Chicken Wing with Blue Cheese Dressing
    144. Drink a Peach Milkshake from Chick-fil-A
    145. See the Braves’ 10,000 loss
    146. Eat a Chicken Sausage Meatball Sandwich
    147. Hit a Road Gator
    148. Drive a 2011 Ford Focus
    149. Watch my dog on a webcam
    150. Attend a Sea Turtle Inventory
    151. Jog on the beach
    152. Parasail
    153. Get lost in Conway, SC
    154. Try Facial Recognition on iPhoto
    155. Celebrate National S’mores Day by making S’mores
    156. Create a year-long book list
    157. Take my dog running
    158. See the Atlanta Rollergirls
    159. Make a set of Paint Chip Coasters
    160. Attempt a pull-up
    161. Watch a set be constructed from scratch
    162. Eat a Chick-fil-a spicy chicken biscuit
    163. Cut off my favorite jeans to make capris
    164. Jog in a park amongst evil birds
    165. Buy a pair of Toms shoes
    166. Hem my jeans
    167. Drink a Corona Light to honor a friend who has passed
    168. Try Coke Zero to see if it tastes like Coca Cola
    169. Gamble for work
    170. Watch a fence get torched
    171. Eat a Roly Poly sandwich
    172. Finger Knit
    173. Go to the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival
    174. Use a battery-powered eyelash curler
    175. Walk on Turner Field & the Georgia Dome
    176. Eat Community Q BBQ
    177. Work at a Falcons game
    178. See Freddie Freeman, Tommy Hanson, & Tim Hudson in person
    179. Ride the SkyTrain at the Atlanta Airport
    180. Take Murphy to a baseball game
    181. Make Grasshopper Pie for Patrick’s Birthday
    182. Eat a pickled okra
    183. Buy a book on National Buy-A-Book Day
    184. Fill the girl requirement for a friend’s softball team in Brookhaven
    185. Microwave Ivory soap
    186. Jog around Grant Park
    187. Listen to music via Pandora
    188. Participate in the Braves Batting Practice Experience
    189. Be an audience member for The Family Feud
    190. Sew a skirt from a pattern
    191. Drink a cup of Korean instant coffee
    192. Create a Pinterest Board
    193. Have my car professionally detailed
    194. Participate in a live blogging of the Emmys
    195. Attend a Circus Fitness class
    196. Watch a special theatrical presentation of PJ20
    197. Take my boots to get re-soled
    198. Get a facial
    199. Plank and Owl
    200. Volunteer at a golf tournament
    201. Try Mexican pineapple soda
    202. Fly a plane
    203. Get a flu shot
    204. Visit a Chiropractor
    205. Eat Greek at the Atlanta Greek Festival
    206. Exercise with a big inflatable ball
    207. Play a crazy bachelorette party game
    208. Drink a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
    209. Join Google +
    210. Make a Vodka Martini (for National Vodka Day)
    211. Craft a bouquet of paper roses
    212. Write a letter to a soldier
    213. Buy a pair of jeggings
    214. Eat at Tomatillos
    215. Go to a Sunday Night Football Game
    216. Spend time in Peachtree City
    217. See Evil Dead 2 on the big screen
    218. Attend a highfalutin auction pre-sale
    219. Create a Vehicle Movement List
    220. Work at Raleigh Studios in Senoia GA
    221. Stay in a hotel for work
    222. Reflect on Freelancing
    223. Drive a Golf Cart in Peachtree City
    224. Update my LinkedIn profile to something semi-professional
    225. Eat half a jar of pickled beets
    226. Try Canning (and making pumpkin butter)
    227. Create a 5K Playlist
    228. Run a 5K
    229. Make Coordinating Halloween Costumes
    230. Buy an iPhone 4S
    231. Brew Beer (Making Wort)
    232. Super Fridge Cleaning Gross Out
    233. Create a Vision Board
    234. Boil eggs with an Eggie
    235. See a football game at Bobby Dodd stadium
    236. Purchase a Peach Pass for the GA Toll roads
    237. Wear a Halloween costume at work
    238. Blog at the Dog Park
    239. Make a snap bracelet
    240. Try a McRib
    241. Talk to Siri
    242. Let my dog run free on the beach
    243. HDR Photography
    244. Look for Beach Treasure with a metal detector
    245. Eat a Tray of Steamed Oysters
    246. Bottle Beer
    247. Talk to someone via Face Time
    248. Drive in the Peach Pass lane
    249. Wear glitter nail polish
    250. Take a guided hike at the Atlanta Prison Farm
    251. Make Gift Baskets
    252. Go to Montgomery, AL
    253. Hear a Tornado Siren
    254. Visit a car manufacturing plant
    255. Work on the set of a Super Bowl commercial
    256. Help manage 300 Extras
    257. Ride an Adult Tricycle
    258. Walk onto an Assembly Line
    259. Attend a Turkey Turkey Tuesday in a bar
    260. Drink a beer I brewed
    261. Spend Thanksgiving alone
    262. Make a Gratitude List
    263. Create a List Book (aka a book in which to make lists)
    264. Craft recycled printed book art
    265. Complete my holiday shopping on Cyber Monday
    266. Buy a Real Live (Chopped) Christmas Tree
    267. Crochet a Circle Scarf
    268. Visit the Genius Bar
    269. Download the Lion Upgrade for my computer
    270. Craft a bunting necklace
    271. Get picture taken with A-Hole Santa
    272. Drive a Ford Escape
    273. Make a Holiday Wreath from Christmas Tree Scraps
    274. Visit Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ Garden Lights
    275. Try a burger from Yeah! Burger
    276. Taste a marshmallow dipped in a chocolate fountain
    277. Eat a cow tongue taco while sipping on fancy tequila
    278. Buy Beer on Sunday in Georgia
    279. Shrinky Dinks!
    280. See one of the last ever 35mm screenings of The Shining
    281. Play Quarters
    282. Sew a homemade rice heating pad
    283. Submit my dad and myself for a social media reality show
    284. Mardi Gras Christmas
    285. Use the high-tech device known as a sweater stone
    286. Use a Hydrometer
    287. Bake home made Holiday goodies
    288. Listen to Christmas Music on the radio…all day
    289. Become a Christmas Tree ball for a holiday greeting
    290. Ride a Longboard
    291. Build a Balance Board
    292. Shoot a Paintball Gun
    293. Use a belt sander
    294. Read an eBook on a Kindle
    295. Befriend my mom on Facebook
    296. Photoshop Elements
    297. Make Skittles infused Vodka
    298. Clean out my space in preparation for a new year
    299. Make a Green Smoothie
    300. Install Shelves
    301. Reflect on the first 300 days
    302. Visit the house(s) in which I grew up
    303. Eat a Pastrami Sandwich
    304. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
    305. Attend a Surprise Birthday Soiree at South City Kitchen
    306. Explore a new State Park
    307. Visit the Georgia Guidestones
    308. Spend an hour in an Oxygen Chamber
    309. Attend a Bikram Yoga Class
    310. Make a Sugar Scrub
    311. See the Alabama Shakes at the 40 Watt
    312. Attend a Brewery Tour at the Wrecking Bar
    313. Eat Fox-a-roni (mac n cheese and brunswick stew)
    314. Go on a Canopy Tour / Zip line
    315. Take a Spin Class
    316. Attempt to Freeze Bubbles
    317. Wear Red Lipstick to Work
    318. Make Cheese (on National Cheese Day)
    319. Walk through doors backwards
    320. Take an Oyster Shot
    321. Join an Improv Class
    322. Play Whirlyball against Ticket Alternative
    323. Attend a Belly Dancing class
    324. Visit a friend’s Coffee Shop/Gallery on its Grand Opening
    325. Play Bingo at the American Legion
    326. Commandeer a Photo Booth
    327. Drink an After Work “Man Drink”
    328. Work on a TV Pilot
    329. Become a Featured Extra
    330. Jeff Mangum at Variety Playhouse
    331. Stop an Escalator
    332. Work with Zombies
    333. Learn to Bounce from Big Freedia’s Dancer
    334. Eat a Fried Oreo
    335. Drink Fermented Tea
    336. See an Automatic Long Form Improv Show
    337. Thurston Moore at The Goat Farm
    338. Play the Banjo
    339. Psychic Reading
    340. Jeff Mangum at the 40 Watt/11% Beer
    341. Biplane Ride
    342. Segway Tour
    343. Lucid Dreaming
    344. Knitting Class
    345. Home Made Fried Chicken
    346. Assistant House Manage a Comedy Theater
    347. Make Business Cards
    348. Indoor Rock Climbing
    349. Homemade Ice Cream
    350. College Basketball at Phillips Arena
    351. Give up something for Lent
    352. Complete my “50 Books in a Year” Goal
    353. Play with a GoPro
    354. Make a Latte in a Coffee Shop
    355. Oscar Watching Party
    356. Jump out of an Airplane
    357. Wear Colored Contacts
    358. Create a Photo on Canvas
    359. Brew a Wheat Beer
    360. Use a Blackhead Extraction Tool
    361. Hike up Crowder’s Mountain
    362. Get a Deep Tissue Massage and Manicure/Pedicure
    363. Buy a Canon 60D
    364. Gallop on a Horse
    365. Get Spray Tanned
    366. Medieval Times

§ 5 Responses to The List

  • Danette says:

    Hey there. So glad bumped into you last night and you told me about this. I love it. And got my friend to sign up for it too! thought of one for you–throw a carwash and donate money to charity. and let me know seriously about a sunday and running the bases and i will hook you up!

  • Dad says:

    Well I caught up on the written words and looking forward to those yet to be completed, must have been a busy day in order to Eat Pickled Okra? Fly a plane, flu shot and chiropractor, hope they weren’t associated. Dad

    • Laura says:

      Ha, I don’t think those were related, although it did cross my mind.
      And I am a busy lady, so some days I eat a pickled okra and others I get to fly a plane! 🙂

  • M Truelove says:

    Love your site. A few suggestions.
    1. Self defense class
    2. Analyze your Twitter account.
    3. Paper sack puppet
    4. Arm wrestling tourney

    Great to see you at Liz & Jeremiah’s celebration. Been too long.

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