Spicy Chicken Biscuit (162nd new thing).

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

There was Chick-fil-a when I arrived on set on Day One Hundred Sixty-Two. Excitedly I grabbed my favorite breakfast biscuit and began to eat it the way I always do: take out the chicken and eat it first, followed by each half of the biscuit. If there’s any Chick-fil-a sauce available I dip the piece of meat in it, otherwise it’s all plain.

As soon as I pulled the breaded chicken out of it’s biscuit casing I suspected something was up. The white meat had a little reddish tinge to it and black spots of pepper on its breading. Oh no, I thought, it was a SPICY chicken biscuit. And now that I’ve desecrated the thing I can’t put it back. Because, you see, I don’t care for spicy foods. And I had avoided the spicy chicken biscuit because I love the original so much, why would I taint it with heat?

Fortunately Chick-fil-a’s version of spicy is not actually as peppery as I had anticipated. I was fearful for nothing, or at least very little. I ate my chicken in peace, preferring the milder version of the breakfast treat but not unpleased with this so-called “spicy” version. Of course, it would have tasted much better with Chick-fil-a sauce.


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